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It’s All About People

At Ridgewood, we measure our success by our relationships with our neighbors and the milestones they achieve. We’re excited to share a few of our local success stories below.

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Ione Customer Since 2020

Just Starting

I moved to Ridgewood in February 2020.

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Walter Customer Since 1953

Keep Me and Never Go Broke

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Silvia Customer Since 2021

A New Member of the Ridgewood Family

A Ridgewood branch recently opened in my neighborhood in Norwood, Bronx.

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Joan Customer Since 1972

A Trusted Partner

My husband and I purchased our home here in Glendale with a mortgage that was approved by Ridgewood Savings Bank.

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Grace Customer Since 1984

Keep Smiling

I lived in Queens and worked in Manhattan as a registered nurse.

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Joyce Customer Since 1996

The Gift of Service

There is nothing spectacular about this story, but it is a testament to the work culture at the Ridgewood Savings Bank in Hollis.

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James Customer Since 2015

Our Bank, Through Ups and Downs

I come from a small town called Breezy Point, and like many other people in my town, many members of my family are first responders. Breezy is a special place filled with many cops, firefighters and sanitation workers.

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Samantha Customer Since 1996

Lollipops and Greetings

Growing up, I would always run errands with my dad after school. Everywhere we would go, people would talk to my dad to help him with his checklist. The cashier at the grocer would hand him our milk, the pharmacist would ready his prescription, and the teller would handle his checks.

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Carol Customer Since 1976

Kindness and Compassion

I will never forget former Whitestone Branch Manager Mr. John Piazza. When my mother opened an account when the branch first opened in the 1970s, Mr. Piazza always interacted with her.

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Stuart Customer Since 2015

Ode to a Bank

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Tona Customer Since 2015

Sweet and Simple

In 1969, my family and I moved from Brooklyn to Franklin Square, where my parents opened accounts at the Ridgewood Savings Bank branch on Hempstead Turnpike.

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Robert Customer Since 2017

Still Together

My relationship with Ridgewood Savings Bank begins about 12 years ago. That’s when I started to go with my girlfriend and her mother to the Ridgewood Savings Bank in Bellmore, NY.

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Nancy Customer Since 1984

A Real Bank

I started banking with Ridgewood at 18 years old, when I lived in Astoria and traveled to Whitestone to do my banking. Then, I moved to Whitestone and again to Valley Stream, and thankfully I always was near a Ridgewood Savings Bank branch.

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John Customer Since 1982

Always Amazed

When I was born, my family set up an account for me at Ridgewood. My parents grew up in Bushwick, eventually moving to Glendale, and for as long as I could remember, using Ridgewood Savings Bank has always been a part of our lives.

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Hildegard Customer Since 1952

Fond Memories

We came to the United States from Germany in 1952 (I was eight years old) and lived in Ridgewood for many years. The only bank we ever used for savings, mortgages, etc., was Ridgewood.

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Vincent Customer Since 2007

Imagine What Luck!

I am 89 years old. I moved to Yorkville in 1967 and became a customer of Williamsburg Savings Bank, where my son’s best friend worked as a teller. The bank then became The City and Suburban Savings Bank, then finally Ridgewood Savings Bank in 2007. I remained a customer all these years.

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Maria Customer Since 2000

A Grand Experience

I remember opening an account at the Ridgewood branch in 2000. They were so friendly and had a lot of patience. It is that kind of service that has kept me a customer all these years.

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Joseph Customer Since 2002

Generations of Great Service

Ridgewood Savings Bank is definitely a family and community bank. Ridgewood has been providing my wife and me with outstanding service since the day we became customers.

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Melissa Customer Since 1985

Lucky Pennies

Growing up in Manhattan, the words “friendly small-town feel” rarely apply, and that is why I am forever devoted to Ridgewood Savings Bank. My grandmother passed in 1985, when I was a young teenager. Amie, as we called her, left me a few things, including a treasured huge bag of “lucky pennies.”

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Cindy and David Customer Since 1997

Some Words of Advice

Getting a safe deposit box in your local neighborhood bank is usually an uneventful process. However, our experience at the Ridgewood Savings Bank in Garden City Park was anything but that.

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Victoria Customer Since 2011

A Lifeline for Support

My mother was a longtime customer of Ridgewood Savings Bank in Bellmore. She raved about the bank, the customer service, the friendliness and the help she received from the branch manager and assistant manager and all the staff at the bank.

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Eileen Customer Since 1976

Feels Like Home

In 1979, my husband and I were buying our first home. We came to the Garden City Park branch to apply for a mortgage. We were 20 years old at the time and were politely told we needed a certain amount as a down payment.

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Marilyn Customer Since 2018

Like Visiting Friends

In 2018, Ridgewood Savings Bank opened a branch in Plainview and was offering a special rate on savings accounts. My husband and I went into the bank to learn more. We were VERY happily surprised; the people were all very friendly and smiling widely and very courteous.

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Rosetta Customer Since 1966

My Very First Paycheck

When we came to America as immigrants, we had no money and moved in with family in East New York.

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Merwyn Customer Since 2001

A Family Tradition

My parents were committed Ridgewood customers and lived three blocks from the Laurelton location.

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Rosemarie Customer Since 2001

A Day I Will Never Forget

About 20 years ago, I opened a CD account at Ridgewood Savings Bank in Lindenhurst during their Grand Opening. I was so happy to have a chance of a lifetime to go in the cash wind machine.

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Frederick Customer Since 1939

It Pays to Save

I am 82 years old. In 1939, my mother opened an account at Ridgewood in her name in trust for me. Money was added to it over the years. In 1956, I went into the Air Force.

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Suzanne Customer Since 1979

A Welcoming Spirit

Growing up, I remember going with my mother to visit Ridgewood Savings Bank in Forest Hills. We would walk to the bank from our home, and when we got there, everyone in the bank greeted us by name.

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Emma Customer Since 1972

A Perfect Union

The day after our wedding, my husband and I went to Ridgewood Savings Bank to deposit our wedding gift money. That was almost 50 years ago.

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LORYN Customer Since 1997

Receiving Support in Challenging Times

I began banking with City & Suburban Bank, which later became Ridgewood Savings Bank. The reason why I remain a loyal Ridgewood customer is because I appreciate the close-knit, personal relationship this bank has with both myself and my father, who also banks with Ridgewood.

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PETER Customer Since 2018

Saving Up to Make Memories

I opened up my Ridgewood Savings Account with the desire to save money for big purchases rather than putting them on a credit card and getting bogged down with interest. The first time I used the money that I saved was to buy tickets to a concert that I took my not-yet-wife and our daughter to.

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FLORENCE Customer Since 2010

Personalized Service and Individualized Care

“Wow – This gem actually exists in New York City?” That was my immediate impression of Ridgewood Savings Bank during my first visit.

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ALISE Customer Since 1972

No Stress, No Worries, Just a Helping Hand

Local Banking has its advantages, including fantastic customer service. I had an appointment to purchase my car lease early on a Saturday morning, and received a call on Friday at 4:45 pm that I was unable to use my debit card for such a large transaction – only a certified check was acceptable. The bank would have been closed by the time I arrived to get a check, and it was not open early enough in the morning for me to get the check and drive to Lynbrook for my appointment. Not sure what to do, I spoke with my branch manager, and rather than telling me there was nothing he could do, he said not to worry and someone would get back to me.

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ANGELA Customer Since 1988

Building Savings With a Trusted Partner

My Ridgewood story is about a customer service representative at my local Ridgewood Savings Bank branch. Her name is June. June is the kind of person who makes banking at Ridgewood a pleasure. She is very intelligent, has great patience, and is thoughtful, considerate, friendly, and always helpful.

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JOSEPH Customer Since 2001

Looking Out for Local Customers

I went camping a few summers ago before COVID. While I was in the middle of the woods, I had limited cell phone service and the batteries were limited so I would shut the phone off every night. My girlfriend was telling me I should leave it on because you never know what could happen.

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NATHAN Customer Since 2016

Simplifying Retirement Saving

I set up my IRA account at Ridgewood 5 years ago, at a great rate. It came due in February of this year. I called my local branch and Germaine answered the telephone. She was friendly, courteous, and understood everything I required about my IRA account. I set up an appointment with her. She took me immediately after I arrived.

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KATHLEEN Customer Since 2001

Feeling Right at Home

We came from a bank that was very robotic. No one knew us, even though we had been there for about 10 years. When Ridgewood came to my neighborhood, we decided to make the switch.

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SUZANNE Customer Since 1970

Providing Comfort at a Difficult Time

About 10 years ago my income tax was being audited. This was a first for me, and as anyone who has ever been audited knows, it’s stressful!

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MARIA Customer Since 1961

Banking Built for Life’s Journey

I first entered Ridgewood Savings Bank 67 years ago, when, holding tightly onto my father’s hand, we walked through the beautiful bronze doors into this magnificent edifice on Myrtle Avenue. I looked up, saw the spectacular high ceilings, all the marble banquets and beautiful mosaics and I whispered to my father, “Are we in a palace?” 

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Paul Customer Since 1969

Building a Museum, One Penny at a Time

If you want to know about the history of Franklin Square, ask Paul van Wie. As the local historian, he’s spent his career working to preserve his hometown’s fascinating history. For him, a community-minded bank like Ridgewood is a natural fit, and he and the bank go way back.

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DOROTHY Customer Since 1981

Good Banking Starts with Good People

How does a bank earn a customer’s loyalty? If you ask Dorothy Viola, the answer is simple: by helping.

“That’s really important with a bank,” she says. “I feel that Ridgewood is very stable, and I can depend on them to help with everything.”

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BOB Customer Since 1974

Keeping Kids Learning & New Yorkers Working

If you walk just a couple blocks down from Ridgewood’s Main Office, you can say hello to Bob Monahan, a longtime customer whose commitment to service is well-known in the Ridgewood community.

Read More about Keeping Kids Learning & New Yorkers Working

LAURA Customer Since 1993

One Bank, Three Generations

For Laura Morgan, Ridgewood Savings Bank is much more than a convenient place to bank. It’s also a family tradition.

“We’ve been with Ridgewood for years. They’re phenomenal,” she says, mentioning Ridgewood branch employees whom she knew since childhood.

Read More about One Bank, Three Generations

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